Occurs on Wednesday April 18 2018

All Day Event


Theatre NorthWest
556 North Nechako Road
Prince George BC V2K 1A1

Performance Notes

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1. The Foundation: The Principles of a Relaxed Performance Wednesday, April 18, 10:30am-5pm We encourage all staff to attend including the Artistic Director, General Manager, programming team, box office staff, front of house staff, marketing and communications, audience development team and volunteers. Duration: 6.5 hours including lunch and two breaks The foundation workshop provides a basic overview of Relaxed Performance, what it is, who is it for, how it started and examples of what it can look like in practice. This overview will include information about building a Visual Story and how to work with artists and producers so that the integrity of the artwork is never compromised when integrating a Relaxed Performance. •Social and medical models of disability •History and variances of Relaxed Performance model •Who are Relaxed Performances for? •Elements of Relaxed Performance 2. Getting the Word Out: Marketing and Audience Development Thursday, April 19, 10am-2pm

For Marketing and communications, audience development and outreach staff/team Duration: 4 hours

This workshop is geared towards your organization's marketing and communications team and will look at the various ways that your team can engage audiences who may want to take advantage of a Relaxed Performance program. This session will include a workshopping opportunity that will invite your marketing/communications staff to start brainstorming how they will successfully market a future RP event. •Understanding who your audience is •Selling tickets •Marketing, language and communication •Measuring your success 3. Opening the Doors: Front of House Staff and Box Office Friday, April 20, 10am-2pm For Front of House and box office staff and volunteers Duration: 4 hours The Opening the Doors workshop provides training support to your organization’s Front of House staff and volunteers on engaging audience members in a Relaxed environment. This workshop aims to enhance awareness around different experiences that your audience members might have at the theatre and to help staff feel more confident accommodating your audience. •What to expect at a RP •Front of House policy and procedure •Accessible environments •Communication and behaviours

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